Our Services

Our core activity is Conracting to all types of projects and our quality and efficiency continues to attract the demanding clients.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in contracting for industrial plants, Insulation, Fabrication, Power plants, Operations and maintenance services include Civil Works for general mechanical, plumbing, electrical requirements and Construction of Residential Buildings.

We are doing all types of Civil and Construction works on turnkey basis.Our philosophy and goal is to partner with strong management teams, who are able to enhance the value of a project through creative design, engineering and negotiation, understanding of the subject markets, identifying issues and providing solutions. Once the relationship has been solidified, we look to the partners to screen potential opportunities based on local knowledge, provide the necessary underwriting analysis, arrange for an organized and timely closing and then implementation of the agreed upon business plan through exit.we can provide you with all your construction needs, from start to finish. We handle all architectural, engineering, building inspections, and all governmental aspects for the start of your project, from beginning to finish.We welcome projects of all sizes and are committed to delivering the highest level of value and service to every customer..

We provides all services for maintenance and repair of electrical systems in buildings and various establishments and regular inspection of the properly in accordance with required safety and security procedures.

The team offers full-service contracting for renovation projects, and Shutdown and Maintenance work.

We are undertaking all types of insulation and piping work.


We provide rental services of all types equipments, Scaffoldings, transportation and traveling vehicles. We provide Construction Equipements, Cranes, Generators, Boom Trucks, Containers, Vehicels of all types.

Promote wellness and absolute comfort for people, keep the surroundings attractive and pleasing to the eyes of vision and residents and create a stimulating environment for working and living. Also offered services for residential villas, business centers, factories and industrial plants and shopping centers.

We have a well equipped workshop for maintenance and repair works. And we undertakes all types engineering/fabrication works (Steel & Aluminium)








Our major clients

  1. SABIC
  2. Saudi Fertilize Co. (SAFCO),
  3. Eastern Fertilizer Co. (Ibn Al Baytar)
  4. Jubail Petrochemical Co (KEMYA)
  5. Eastern Pertrochemical Co. (SHARQ)
  6. Saudi Petrochemical Co. (SADAF)
  7. Saudi Methanol Co. (Ar-Razi)
  8. Jubail Methanol Co. ( Ibn Sina)
  9. European Petrochemical Co. (Ibn Zahr)
  10. Saudi Plastic (Tayf)
  11. ARAMCO – Bridge Work, General Services,  Construction of Sewage System,
  12. ROYAL COMMISSION -  Utility Building Work, Civil Construction

  13. MARAFIQ – Construction and Modification works

  14. NAVAL BASE – Electrical Works & HT works